K is for…Kindle

Being a tactile person I always loved flicking through the pages of a book, so when eBooks first became a thing I wasn’t that fussed. Then I received a book as a present that was part of a series, unfortunately I read through the first book to find that the rest of the series hadn’t yet made the transition to paper copy. I wasn’t sure what to do because at the time I didn’t have the money to buy a Kindle. Eventually I discovered that I could get the Kindle app on my phone, and life was rosy again. 

I finished the book series, which I really enjoyed, but then I wondered what other eBooks are there to read out there…and I was a goner. The next Christmas; even though my parents had said they were scaling back on Christmas because they’d just spent loads of money re-doing our house; I got a proper Kindle as a gift. My mum said I was going to go cross eyed reading off a screen that small and she worried that my battery would die quicker so she might not be able to reach me in an emergency. 

Since then, considering I never thought I would make the transition, my Kindle and I have been pretty inseparable. It’s the ease of not having to worry about whether it’ll fit in my handbag or if the pages will get ruined. I also like that no one knows what I am reading, so if I am reading a risqué book I don’t have to worry about having the whole train watching my reactions to it. I also like that I have been introduced to so many indie authors that I probably wouldn’t have come across otherwise.

I still love a physical book, there are still certain types of book that I would rather have in paper copy. I’m also the only person peculiar enough to prefer taking physical books on holiday, even though I end up having to distribute them out to whoever I’m going with because they’re so heavy. There’s just something about sitting on the beach or by the pool with a book in hand. I do still take my Kindle in case I run out of books to read but I rarely use it…well maybe that’s not entirely true. 

2 thoughts on “K is for…Kindle”

  1. I can relate to this. I love paper books, something about the smell and texture is unbearable but … My Kindle and I are inseparable. Aside from its compact, easy to carry size – it’s the immediacy of being able to buy a new book whenever I like. I read every day and prior to Kindle there was nothing worse than finishing a book late at night and knowing there were no stores open to buy the next one 😀


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