Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is an original blog meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This weeks theme is: Movie Freebie This is my first time doing a Top Ten Tuesday but I love a good movie so couldn’t resist, I am splitting my ten down the middle and making two lists, the first is movies that I have enjoyed watching this year and the second is movies I am looking forward to.   Movies I have enjoyed watching this year. Super 8 So I only just got round to watching this film in October even though its been out for years but I really enjoyed it, after Stranger Things withdrawals it was recommended and I’m glad it was.   Zootopia I watched this as an in-flight movie hoping it would send me to sleep but I actually loved it and made it to the end.     Hell Or High Water Went to see this in the cinema at

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M is for…Movies

I realise that the photo has a bit of a Jane Austen theme going on but I do have an extensive movie collection. I love going to the cinema to see new releases and I love getting DVDs for those quiet days/nights in. I like that I can get lost in someone else’s story for a little while, similar to reading but admittedly I couldn’t spend all day watching movies, I don’t know why. Obviously I love a good costume drama, I know that it probably wasn’t all that romantic in the actual time period but I think it’s because most of the romances are so understated that they really appeal to me. Plus I like how there always seems to be a good mix of witty and silly characters to keep you entertained. I also really like what I can only think to describe as world cinema. Some of my favourites are French and Spanish films, although I do

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The verbal stream of consciousness

My original intention for this post travel post was to be all about the trip and lots of pictures and stories from Spain…however on occasion conversations just come out of nowhere that get you thinking. It all started with a book in mind but a conversation about a quantum physics theory, stick with me here… I was sent an article by a friend about scientists that were looking into the reactions of atoms and part of their conclusions from the experiment were that the future may be able to affect the present. I am currently reading The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas, I hadn’t gotten very far through the book at the point of this discussion, but there was a lot of talk about thought experiments; like the one that sparked the above theory. At the time I was recounting some of the very interesting points that the author brings up, I wont go into too much detail,

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