Day Three – One word inspiration Secret Secrets are like bricks, the more you have the heavier you become. They pile up and pile up until they crush you. Depending on the secret other people can get caught under the rubble as well. Why do we keep things from each other? Is it because we are scared of how other people will react to it? Is it because we don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings? Or is it because having that thing that they don’t know about gives us a rush? There isn’t a word for it, the simultaneous feeling of when your stomach drops out and your palms are sweating but you’re not scared, and you can feel the butterflies but you can’t jump up and down or make high-pitched unintelligible noises even though you’re excited. Secrets are sensuous lovers that caress every inch of you and get you addicted to them and then make you terrified that

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The verbal stream of consciousness

My original intention for this post travel post was to be all about the trip and lots of pictures and stories from Spain…however on occasion conversations just come out of nowhere that get you thinking. It all started with a book in mind but a conversation about a quantum physics theory, stick with me here… I was sent an article by a friend about scientists that were looking into the reactions of atoms and part of their conclusions from the experiment were that the future may be able to affect the present. I am currently reading The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas, I hadn’t gotten very far through the book at the point of this discussion, but there was a lot of talk about thought experiments; like the one that sparked the above theory. At the time I was recounting some of the very interesting points that the author brings up, I wont go into too much detail,

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The Sacrificial Lamb…

Sometimes a thought materialises in the jumble of my mind and then I find myself in situations where it continuously loops through my consciousness. Is it possible to fundamentally change yourself? As humans the majority of us can adapt to fit into our surroundings. For example when starting a new job there is an extent of time when you are not yourself; you are a cautious you or an over exuberant you. You are the you that you need to be to find out how you will fit into the new surroundings. Eventually however you will most likely plateau into the real you for that setting. I believe that everyone has many selves, the person you are around your family, the person you are around your friends, your partner, co-workers, strangers, alone…that’s not to say that the difference has to be an extensive one, it could be exceptionally subtle but I do believe its there. What I have been wondering

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