Book Review | Shores Of Death

I have been excitedly waiting for this book since I read the last one Evidence Of Death and I am so happy to have finally gotten my hands on it. - ONE OF THEIR OWN IS MISSING . . . Detective Grace Macallan is at crisis point. She’s unsure of her future, of whether she… Continue reading Book Review | Shores Of Death

Blog Tour | Evidence Of Death #review

Last year I read Cause Of Death and it was amazing so I was thrilled to be offered a chance to be on this tour, and to make it even better when the book arrived through my letterbox I noticed that I had a little mention which added to my excitement... - Billy Nelson is… Continue reading Blog Tour | Evidence Of Death #review

Blog Tour | Cause Of Death #review

I am very excited to be on the blog tour for Cause Of Death, before I overload you with my thoughts here is what the book is about... - From Peter Ritchie, previously Head of the Organised Crime Unit in the National Criminal Intelligence Service and a UK Liaison Officer to Europol in the Hague,… Continue reading Blog Tour | Cause Of Death #review