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I am super thrilled to be on the tour for Where No Shadows Fall because I have loved the rest of the Grace Macallan series so far, I was especially thrilled because when I opened the front cover of the book I realised I was inside it! It’s such a nice surprise.

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where no shadows fall

Expose the truth or let the dead lie still?

Grace Macallan’s life is on an even keel – at last. But a 9-to-5 career away from the frontline isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

So when she’s sent to investigate a suicide at Glasgow’s notorious Barlinnie prison, Grace gladly escapes her desk. The dead inmate is Tommy McMartin, heir to a ferocious criminal family. His murder conviction saw Tommy’s fall from power; cast out not for violence but because the victim was his gay lover.

The investigation drags Grace into contact with her McMartin adversaries of old. But the gangland dynasty is under threat and, as it topples, secrets once dead and buried are unearthed.

As she unravels Tommy McMartin’s fate, Grace senses someone watching her from the shadows, someone who aches for revenge. An awful dilemma faces her: to expose the truth or let the dead lie still.


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my thoughts

I was so excited for this book, the rest of this series has been phenomenal and I was looking forward to checking back in on Grace and the rest of the team. The last book in the series was a complete rollercoaster, just brilliant in its setup and exceptionally intense, so this book had a lot to live up to. Thankfully I wasn’t disappointed.

Where No Shadows Fall was a little different to the other books featuring Grace because it starts with a story from seven years before the events of the last book, intriguingly with another McMartin character that readers would not have come across before. There was also a difference because Grace has taken a step back from the frontline so that she can spend more time with her family, so it wasn’t the same immediate hustle and bustle that I’m used to.

I will admit that Grace had me worried for a moment, I knew that she would have to make some compromises for the sake of her family, but being behind a desk just seemed so far removed from her personality, so I was very pleased when she is handed a ‘routine’ investigation to have a look at.

What always really pulls me into one of Ritchie’s books is the depth he goes to with his characters, you really get to know all the players on both sides of the law and how their parts affect the story as a whole. It is a testament to his writing that I did, for a second, feel sorry for a character who really has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

This time I did feel like the pace suffered a little in the first half of the book because usually we are getting these insights whilst following Grace through a tense investigation, whereas this time there wasn’t that contrast. However, to be honest, it does highlight the realistic edge that I feel Ritchie has over a lot of crime writers because Grace wasn’t in the thick of it and there was a lot of workplace politics that stood in her way.

The second half though, had that same high-octane, down to the wire tension that I love about these books. I was really put through the wringer with the last few chapters, they definitely kept me guessing and made me feel as if my eyes couldn’t read quick enough.

Where No Shadows Fall is every bit as masterfully written as the rest of the series and will have you captivated from the start. As ever I cannot wait to see where Grace goes from here.



about the author

Peter followed his forefathers and started his working life at 15 as a deep sea fisherman.

He eventually joined the police service moving through the ranks of CID/Murder Squad/Regional Crime Squad in Scotland. He then went on to manage the Organised Crime Unit in the National Criminal Intelligence Service in London where he ran a multi agency team drawn from various branches of the law enforcement and the security services. This was a unique concept at the time and Peter travelled to many parts of the world in this role. He was subsequently appointed as the UK Liaison Officer to Europol in The Hague where he spent five years.

He returned to Lothian and Borders heading the Major Crime Team before taking on an advisory role for a project in Croatia. Following his retiral he worked on a number of private investigations before spending the next few years as part of the public inquiry team looking into the murder of the LVF leader Billy Wright in the Maze Prison.


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