Festival frivolities – part one

Last week I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Edinburgh to go and see some of the Edinburgh International Book Festival and some of the Edinburgh Art Festival. I managed to jam pack my day full of events and exhibitions and had an amazing time, so I thought I would share it. It was quite an early start, which I haven’t been very used to of late but it was well worth it. First stop was The Fruitmarket Gallery, to see an exhibition by Damián Ortega. States of Time is an exploration of how the forces of nature – wind, water, earth and fire – act on the earth both independently of and in relationship to humankind. Ortega uses clay to form waves, sculpt icebergs and to track the eroding power of a river on a sequence of plains made from brick. He shows us the sculptural agency of nature and also of mankind, looking at how the landscape

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The hypnotic glass eye.

I love old cameras. I have a very large collection of them, an odd yet wonderful assortment. I studied photography and found, when faced with digital vs analogue, that I really loved the practice of developing the film and having to wait to see what I had produced, and then getting to develop those images onto paper, the way I wanted. It’s a strange kind of excitement waiting to see what will come up, what worked, what definitely did not and if there were any happy accidents. For me its about the colours you can get on film and the fact that no matter how much you do to it, be it scanning it in and playing around on Photoshop, there is still always an original that can’t really be changed. When my creativity deserted me; as I may have mentioned in my last post; I found I couldn’t pick up my cameras, I didn’t have the desire or the

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