B is for…Books


I could read all day. If I could get paid to do it I would be rich by now. I love being transported to other worlds and being able to get to know different characters and be able to envision situations I would never find myself in. I don’t have a large library; in fact for someone that does read so much, I don’t own that many books. I’ve borrowed lots over the years and my mum had a massive clear out of our loft, which meant that quite a few of my books ended up in a charity shop. The stack of books above are a small selection of the ones I have yet to read but I am most likely going to do by the end of the summer. I’m always on the lookout for recommendations though, if anyone has any.

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11 thoughts on “B is for…Books

  1. I love the idea of getting paid to read all day! I could happily make a living that way, I love books and would rarely skip a day without picking one up 🙂
    Any recommendations?


    • I’m the same I feel almost bereft if I haven’t read something every day. Oh no dont get me started :P…eh well if you like crime/thriller/governement conspiracy type books David Baldacci is a good author to get into, very intriguing plotlines, exceptionally unputdownable. More kind of girlie romance type, Jill mansell is good for that, I’ve read a few and liked them, good for between heavier reads. Fantasy type books, Melissa Marr is a good one to look at, some aimed at a “younger” audience but I’ll read mostly anything and I enjoyed them. I’ll not ramble on too much more, I could be here all day.

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      • Well … Since you asked 🙂
        I just finished The Lake House by Kate Morton & I really enjoyed it (I’m half way through writing a review lol). I quite like Ken Follett for historical fiction, Matthew Reilly for action/adventure, Hugh Howey’s Wool trilogy was great if you like dystopian fiction. And I reviewed a horror series by Owen Baillie (and posted an interview with him), if you’re a horror fan.
        I know what you mean about ever growing lists … I think I currently have 43 books on my “to-read” pile 🙂


  2. Oh if that could be! I’d settle for much less than my current salary if I got paid to read books! I’ll have few book posts (first one on Monday) so you can come and check it😊. By the way your about section start like something I could write for myself. Good luck with the challenge!


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