Y is for…Your other left

The end few letters of the alphabet has been difficult and I have really enjoyed other people’s creativity with what things they have chosen to post about. So I started to browse the Internet to see what funny things I could find and came across the Urban dictionary

What followed from this discovery was me giggling to myself over the most popular Y words. Some stand out entries to me were: you’re aces with me, you don’t pour my cereal and YOU GO GLEN COCO! 

One that really resonated with me though was: your other left. This has been said to me on many occasions usually when I am in control of a moving vehicle. The most recent of which involved a one way street, rush hour traffic, a good few buses and a passenger who got a bit panicked as they spoke the above statement. 

No vehicles were harmed in the making of this post. 

6 thoughts on “Y is for…Your other left”

  1. LOL Yeah, I’ve had this statement applied to me a few times. While my hand/eye coordination is great, my left/right coordination leaves something to be desired.


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