Not Even The Trees

Earlier in the month, I gave an answer to one of the #authorconfession questions that got me thinking. The question was to describe your work in process in three words and the only thing I could think of was...growing heads quickly. You may or may not have known that I took part in Nanowrimo last… Continue reading Not Even The Trees

This is not the end

A few days ago NaNoWriMo ended and lots of people won by managing to write 50,000 words of a novel. I was not one of those people, however I am determined not to see it as a failure. I'm not entirely sure how many words I've managed, I have made it over the 5,000 mark… Continue reading This is not the end


This was a little something that came to me after reading Esther Newton’s Monday Motivation post from a few weeks ago. The challenge was to write a poem or story with Revenge as the prompt. I didn’t post it that week because I didn’t get the chance to finish it, but now that it’s finished… Continue reading Revenge

Y is for…Your other left

The end few letters of the alphabet has been difficult and I have really enjoyed other people's creativity with what things they have chosen to post about. So I started to browse the Internet to see what funny things I could find and came across the Urban dictionary.  What followed from this discovery was me giggling… Continue reading Y is for…Your other left