This is not the end

A few days ago NaNoWriMo ended and lots of people won by managing to write 50,000 words of a novel. I was not one of those people, however I am determined not to see it as a failure. I’m not entirely sure how many words I’ve managed, I have made it over the 5,000 mark but I have a lot of it written down on scraps of paper and in notebooks, so that number is only what I’ve managed to type out. I also have a bit of an issue in that I started writing the story in third person and at some point this switched to first person, without really noticing that I’d done it. So now I have to decide which I would prefer to continue writing in, I think I’m swaying towards first person but I’m asking advice on that before I commit. I’m tearing my hair out with anxiety totally fine with someone reading two unedited paragraphs

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As many of you will be aware next month is National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo, and this year I have decided that I am going to give it a shot. I’ve always had stories in my head and have attempted to try and get them down on paper before, but so far I have not been all that successful. I tend to give up or lose focus too easily, so I thought that having a deadline and a set amount of words to work toward would be helpful. I have been trying my hardest to plan out some of this novel before November, to give myself the best chance, and amongst lots of character profiles and timelines, I had a look on the NaNoWriMo website and discovered that to be able to announce my novel I would need a synopsis. Now I know where my story is going roughly, but I’m definitely of the mind set that I want

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This was a little something that came to me after reading Esther Newton’s Monday Motivation post from a few weeks ago. The challenge was to write a poem or story with Revenge as the prompt. I didn’t post it that week because I didn’t get the chance to finish it, but now that it’s finished I have decided to put it up anyway and see how it fares…   The faceless person sat back feeling rather smug. A response had come through; that was unexpected, hoped for but still unexpected. An uncontained excitement, mixed with a little rage and a little empathy, was making it difficult to sit still. Taking a deep breath, tapping noises filled the air once again; fingers on keyboard, writing and deleting, trying to craft the perfect gambit. Time crawled in the wait between sending and the reaction. There was no question of a reply this time; it was just a case of how quickly it

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Y is for…Your other left

The end few letters of the alphabet has been difficult and I have really enjoyed other people’s creativity with what things they have chosen to post about. So I started to browse the Internet to see what funny things I could find and came across the Urban dictionary.  What followed from this discovery was me giggling to myself over the most popular Y words. Some stand out entries to me were: you’re aces with me, you don’t pour my cereal and YOU GO GLEN COCO!  One that really resonated with me though was: your other left. This has been said to me on many occasions usually when I am in control of a moving vehicle. The most recent of which involved a one way street, rush hour traffic, a good few buses and a passenger who got a bit panicked as they spoke the above statement.  No vehicles were harmed in the making of this post.  ∞