A spot of self-examination.

Day two –  write a list

Things I’m Good At

Thinking of a witty comeback about five minutes after it is required in a conversation.

Being by myself, I can keep myself amused for hours as long as I have different things to do or distract me.

Trying new things – this is a recent development, mostly spurred from being forced to try things I didn’t previously like; food being the main perpetrator. Until recently I didn’t like fish, any fish, especially not shellfish. Now it feels like a mini adventure every time I try something new, even when its scallops.

Making dirty dishes disappear – I will be sat reading and I will have finished my dinner with the plate still in front of me and elves will come and make it disappear before I finish my chapter.

Public transport – I am fine with most modes, especially my own to feet, mostly anything that means I don’t have to worry about trying to park my car, especially if the word reverse applies to the type of parking.

Forgetting things – If they made an award for this I’d be well decorated. I have been numerous books on memory improvement, but I forget to read them. I much prefer total ignorance or the scraps of paper and post-its that follow me around.

Being childish – if you require someone to randomly sing songs at you from children’s TV shows/movies circa 90’s, someone to quote Disney lines at you, someone to throw a tantrum at you or someone to colour or paint with…I’m your girl.

Getting lost – whether it’s in a good book, in life, in the city I have lived in for most of my life (surprisingly, thank goodness for Google Maps), in new places, in a conversation. I have managed to hone it into a fine art.

Wine – I am very good at drinking wine, I still need to get a handle on some of my behaviours and some of the words that slip out of my mouth after the drinking though.

Procrastination – I have exceptional talent for this, I have even got to the stage where I will do the dishes before doing the thing that needs to be done and you know how difficult that is with all the crazy elves around here.

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