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Welcome back for my second stop on the Corrupt Me blog tour, if you missed it you can check out my first stop which was a review for Corrupt Me.

Before I hand over to Jillian, here’s a little reminder of what the book is all about…

corrupt-meIzzie Rinaldi has everything going for her. All she has to do is make it through her senior year of college, and then she’ll be off to law school, one step closer to assuming her position at the head of her family’s empire. After a chance encounter with the campus bad boy, Izzie can’t get him out of her head.

Luca Marchese, the smooth-talking son of the most notorious man in Philadelphia, is used to getting what he wants. He hasn’t forgotten the girl he knew as a child, and now that he has Izzie’s attention, Luca will stop at nothing to have her.

Luca’s defiance of the law turns Izzie on more than she cares to admit. She wants Luca to corrupt her in every way possible, despite his reputation as the king of one-night stands. Their attraction is undeniable, but their desire for one another isn’t enough for Izzie to overlook visits from federal agents and the potential ruin of her family.

Linked to Luca and a criminal underworld, Izzie discovers she’s more like him than she thought. But a future with Luca could mean swapping her diamond bracelets for a pair of handcuffs.

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Corrupt Me will be released on the 17th of January 2017.

Now over to Jillian who is here to talk about something that a lot of us love…bad boys.



3 Reasons Girls Fall for the Bad Boy


But bad boys are not one size fits all. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and flavors, and it’s the bad boys that get the blood pumping and the juices flowing. When you read a book about a bad boy who was tamed by that girl—you know, the one girl who ruins him for all women—you start to root for them as a couple, especially if the characters are well developed. You secretly (or maybe not so secretly) cheer for the couple in hopes that the disturbed motorcycle gang leader or the Mafia hit man will end up having a heart of gold.


What hooks a romance reader and why girls fall for bad boys might seem simple, but creating a bad boy who is also likable is not easy. The reason Luca Marchese resonated with so many women who read Corrupt Me is because he’s not what he seems at first glance. I wanted him to appear to be your stereotypical bad boy character, but Luca is a major mama’s boy.


He loves his Ma, and so do his twin older brothers who you will see in the next two novels in the series. Because of Ma, Luca knows how to treat women, even if he doesn’t show it until after he has rekindled his relationship with Isabella Rinaldi, his childhood sweetheart.


The ideal bad boy is tall, good-looking, nice skin, hair, and teeth. Bonus points if he has an angular jaw, perfect nose, abs you can bounce quarters off, defined pelvic muscles (the V shape on ab covers you want to lick), and a rock hard body. It’s not a necessity but give him a few tattoos and you add more sex appeal for some women.


He has to have swagger for days and the game to back it up. You can’t just say he’s hot and has game. You need to show it. Show, don’t tell! Give me some dirty talk and lines you haven’t heard a thousand times. Oh, and he must be desirable by other women.


Throw in money and you have hit the trifecta. Girls dig rich dudes because who wouldn’t want to be pampered like a princess? I think most women would rather read about a man who wines and dines them and not about the reality of adding water to your milk to make it last another day or how Applebee’s is a treat in real life.


But, there’s more to a character than looks, charm, and the size of his package. Oops, I mean wallet. He has to have a big…heart.


Based on the current romance books on the market featuring strong leads, it’s a fair assessment to say that most of the bad boys either play a sport, ride a motorcycle, or belong to the Mafia or some criminal gang or organization. Crime is hot and so are athletes. Sex with any of these guys is just HOT! There’s something exciting about hooking up with someone you would never meet in real life. You can meet Bob the IT man any day of the week, but you’re not likely to run into Jax Teller or Tony Montana in the food store. But wouldn’t that be nice?


It’s nice when you get everything I mentioned above in a book boyfriend, but he needs to be likable. You can forget that he smuggles drugs or makes you say hello to his little friend when he has some redeemable qualities. And maybe you’re like Kay Corleone and actually believe he’ll legitimize his business for the right girl, but if he’s physically and mentally abusive, controlling, or demanding, you’re heading down the wrong path.


Thank you for having me on your blog. I hope everyone enjoyed this guest post.




You can connect with her through her Website, Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads.


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