Between a rock and a hard place #AtoZchallenge

He had started to dread Sundays with a passion, excuses had been made on several occasions to no avail.

He never knew what started the rift between his mother and his wife, when asked neither would give a straight answer.

The taunts had started subtly but now it was an all out war, they would always be of opposing opinion, he suspected that they might have agreed with one another before the division but now it was a competition, whose opinion was the right one.

He found himself effortlessly between a rock and a hard place.

Whose side to take?


As part of the AtoZ challenge I am writing flash fiction of no more than 100 words. Today’s prompt was…

Between a rock and a hard place

You can find out more about my challenge here.

Feel free to join in if you like and leave your entries in the comments.


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