An interruption…

I’m so excited, and I have good reason to be. As of today, I am off on holiday, flying to Bali for two weeks of sunshine and chilling out. I feel like I’ve been counting down to this trip for too long. What I’m most excited about, apart from the sunshine and spending quality time with the other half, is getting to have uninterrupted reading time!!! And maybe a little bit of uninterrupted writing time too!!

So I thought I’d put it out there that I will be dropping off the radar for a bit, in case anyone thought I was suddenly being very rude and ignoring them (which really I will be but when your on holiday it’s socially acceptable) Anyway I hope to catch up with you all when I’m back, or if I crack and look at my phone whilst away.  Of course, the main thing I needed advice on is whether the below stack will be enough books for two weeks?!? HELP!


I will have my kindle as well, packed to the brim of course, but I mean why couldn’t I have an easy dilemma like how many bikinis should I take!!

See you guys in June!!



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