What makes you happy?


Now for something a little different, it’s been a while since I’ve done a tag, so long that any previous nominations are lost in the ether, however Claire at Brizzle Lass Books recently nominated me for this so I’m striking while the iron is hot.

List 5 Things That Make You Happy



I know kind of an obvious one but they really do, I love being transported to other worlds and into the minds of other people.



I can’t help myself, especially ones with cool covers, plus I tend to use them for writing which also makes me happy, a few other things too but mostly happy.



Especially when it’s eaten in good company, I love having dinner parties, even though I’m not usually the cook, it’s lovely to get family and friends together over a good meal.



I have a massive collection and I love them all but I especially love this new one that I just got for my birthday, it’s so cool!!!



I love Henry and he makes me happy because he is the only plant that has survived the harsh conditions of living with me, through droughts and deluges he has persevered. Also because he is a succulent and that is a fabulous name for a type of plant. It’s only been a few months but I hope there will be many more.

List 5 Songs That Make You Happy

This is very tough, because my happy songs change a lot so I will simply share with you the five songs that have made me feel happy in the last few days.

Imogen Heap – Me The Machine


Golden Age – Running On Sunshine (Jesus Jackson cover)


Radiohead – Karma Police


Birdy & Rhodes – Let It All Go


Frightened Rabbit – Old Old Fashioned

Tag…you’re it

So you might have already been tagged or already have done it but I’m looking at you…

Darque Dreamer Reads

Jessica @ Minimac Reviews

Meggy @ Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles

Olivia @ Absolutely Olivia

Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews





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