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Last month I hosted a cover reveal for this book and I was lucky enough to get a copy to review, so since it’s release day for Chasing Ella I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

Chasing Ella front cover


Every Princess needs a Prince Charming…

When a masked girl throws herself at Shawn Finch at a costume party, the hotshot football player assumes she’s just another girl trying to get his attention. Except she’s not just any girl. She’s his Cinderella, the nameless girl in the pale blue dress who got away.

Desperate to find her, Finch searches for his mystery girl with no luck. So, it must be fate when Finch’s grade point average drops and the school assigns him a tutor not knowing they just handed over his Cinderella.

After having a crush on Finch since the first time she spotted him on campus, one kiss was all she’d ever wanted. But Finch has other plans once he discovers the truth about his tutor.



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I have discovered that I love retellings so I was actually quite excited to read this one, luckily it didn’t disappoint. a modern day

In case you didn’t catch it, this is a modern-day version of Cinderella, it has all the elements that keep the original story alive, the evil stepmother and stepsisters, meeting at a party and her disappearing leaving “prince charming” wanting more, the search for the mystery girl and even a fairy godmother of sorts.

The mix of the original story with Ella and Shawn’s university life was good, whilst you already have an idea of how the story plays out it was nice to see how the elements fit in around their lifestyle.

I really liked Ella, she was positive and sweet considering the situation she was in, and I liked that she was so focused on her goals but also had this spontaneous side that Shawn seemed to pull out of her.

Shawn was a good match for her, whilst it’s hinted at that he was a ladies man, I liked that he didn’t live up to that. He was very caring and considerate and not what I was expecting. Shawn and Ella were definitely a good match.

This was an enjoyable and easy read with lovely characters and any fans of Jillian Quinn will certainly like getting to revisit some of the characters from her other books.



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