Book Review | Roughing


As the star running back for the Strickland Senators, Sebastian Prince knows what it takes to score on and off the field.

Bash has it all—money, looks, women, and the Heisman. But he can’t get the one thing he wants. Two years ago, Bash lost the only girl who ever made him feel something. And he wants her back.

Tori Reynolds hates football. But she hates Bash even more. After a not-so-chance encounter at a game, Bash has another shot with the girl who got away. While Bash might be a different person than before, Tori is hesitant to let him back into her life.

Bash has never turned down a challenge, and when it comes to Tori, he’s willing to go the distance, and this time, he’s not just looking to score.

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So this is a difficult one, I’ve read a few of Ms. Quinn’s books and enjoyed them immensely, and on paper, this is the kind of book that I would definitely pick up. A sports romance with a second chance relationship…yes please.

At the start things seemed to be going well, I was getting really into the story and then it kind of lost me. I know I am probably in the minority with this but for me to really get into a second chance romance I really need to see some of the tension from the outset and this didn’t really have it, it’s pretty clear that Tori has been avoiding Bash and later on in the book you get to know some of the more serious ramifications, but for me it wasn’t quite enough at the start of the book to help set it up properly. It all falls into place a bit too easily and without much drama.

I did really like Bash, at first he seems like this sure of himself, playboy sports star with plenty money to throw around but as the story continues you begin to see this other side to him. He was surprising, it was nice to see that he could be completely selfless, it was something that I hadn’t expected and I think it made me warm to him even more.

Tori, however, just didn’t do it for me which was surprising because I usually come away from one of Jillian’s books more enamoured with the female than the male. There just wasn’t enough to her character to really grab me, we’re told she’s seen as this kind of quirky, artsy type but honestly, it didn’t really come across that way at all. She was unfortunately a bit two dimensional and I wasn’t all that invested in her.

Also one of the major factors in the storyline didn’t do it for me, which is hard to go into without spoiling things but the secrets between Bash and Harper and how that affects things with his second chance with Tori, I just didn’t get that at all. Unfortunately, Harper as a character was just too much of a cliché for me and I don’t think the stake was high enough for this to be as big a problem as it was made to be.

I know it sounds critical but I did still enjoy the book, I got easily engrossed in it and the romance was lovely, it’s a book I think lots of people will love. Even though this one wasn’t what I was hoping for, I’m still excited to see what Ms. Quinn will come up with next.



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