#IWSG – The difficulties of a name

This months question is: What’s harder for you to come up with, book titles or character names?

Book titles, hands down, that is for sure the hardest for me. At the moment what I do is just call them by song names because it’s a lot easier than trying to think something up. Although when I eventually get ready to release them into the world it’s probably going to be ten times harder because the names I’ve given them will have stuck, at least in my mind.

I don’t know though they are still unfinished so maybe when they are closer to completion a title will be easier to imagine. Maybe I’ll hold onto that hope and trick myself into believing it eventually.

Character names I find fairly easy, I can sometimes change a name as I go if it suddenly doesn’t feel right but mostly by the time I’m picking names I have a really good idea of my characters so usually I have a good fit. Although I’ve been writing a fantasy novel recently and making up names that don’t sound like they are from this word but that aren’t going to be difficult to pronounce isn’t as easy.


Written as part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group.

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11 thoughts on “#IWSG – The difficulties of a name”

  1. Good discussion of this, Kate. We of course have to have character names and book titles to get the writing going but for me, as I get to know the book and the characters, I find the names. Early in the writing, I am constantly Ctr+F to find and replace a character’s name! At a certain point, they feel right.

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  2. Using song titles as working titles is a great idea. Often I have a song going through my head as I write a particular piece.

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