everywhere in December

Another month of my little space taking a bit of a backseat to life, it was a lot quieter here than it usually is but I was still super busy the whole month. Kind of looking forward to the madness being over with the start of the new year, but before we get to that here is what happened this month.

My IWSG post for this month was reflecting on the year.

I tried to make up for not doing my TBR cut post last month by featuring more books but didn’t end up getting rid of that many in Down the TBR hole.

Books Reviewed

As ever if you click the cover you can see the full review

stronger, faster cover


Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful

An unusual but forward thinking collection of short stories with a lot of relevant messages.

4 triangle


It's a Wonderful Night-large


It’s A Wonderful Night

This was a lovely festive romance with some strong serious themes, it gave me all the Christmas feels.

4.5 triangle


The Other-Miss-Bates


The Other Miss Bates

The second book in the series and a return to some great characters with even more drama, so excited for the next book.

5 triangle


northern lights cover

Love At The Northern Lights

An unfortunately misleading blurb meant that I got something entirely different to what I was expecting, enjoyable but could have been more.

3 triangle


shores of death


Shores of Death

Just brilliant, I love the Grace Macallan series but this one was superb.

5 triangle


Books Gifted

Of course, books are a go-to for my family when it comes to gifts for me, I got a pretty good haul this time around but I have to say a few of these are huge books so it’ll probably be another couple years until I’m through them all. I feel a buying/Netgalley ban coming on.

the cruel princestrange the dreamerlord of shadowsqueen of air

—————siege and storm—–a conjuring of light—–width of the world

Coming up…

—————tell me a secret—–hopes and dreams of lucy baker—–Pretty in Punxsatawney_RD3



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