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Today I have author Genevieve Iseult Eldredge dropping by to give us a profile of one of the characters from her latest book Rekindled.

about the book


It’s good to be queen. Except when it’s a total disaster.

Syl Skye, newly crowned Queen of Fair Faerie, would be psyched to be the ruler of her Summer realm, except for two things.

First, her girlfriend Rouen Rivoche became Queen of Dark Faerie, the Winter realm. That would be great except the Winter realm’s always been at war with Summer. By tradition, that makes Rouen Syl’s mortal enemy. That said, love can break past old hatred, right? Especially with a new foe about to attack them both.

Ah, no.

Which brings us to Syl’s second problem. Rouen’s under a dark spell and doesn’t remember Syl, their lives, their love. Worse, if Syl doesn’t break the spell by the next new moon, Rouen will forget her forever.

To defeat their foe, it’ll take two soul-bound queens whose hearts and minds act as one. Trouble is, no one has ever broken the dark spell Rouen suffers from.

Good thing Syl isn’t the type of queen who gives up easily.

Don’t miss Syl and Roue’s adventures in REKINDLED, the new prequel novella to NEMESIS, Book 4 of the Circuit Fae.

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Today, I’d like to talk about Rouen Rivoche, the secondary main character in THE CIRCUIT FAE. She’s the dark Fae queen of the Winter Court who’s fallen in love with Syl, the fair Fae queen of the Summer Court. Rouen’s eighteen, and she’s under a lot of pressure to be the person her parents wanted her to be. She puts a lot of pressure on herself too. She’s a perfectionist, a protector, and a warrior.

She’s kind of a kickass Hufflepuff, really!

Rouen first comes across Syl in DERAILED, where a chance meeting results in them being a little obsessed with each other. Some of my readers have mentioned the word “insta-love,” but when you really think about who they are—the two Queens of Faerie— and consider that Faerie is trying to heal itself, it makes a TON of sense.

Anyhoo…So, Rouen is this princess-assassin sent to murder Syl, who, at the time, doesn’t realize she has powers. Of course, Rouen’s a big softie, so she ends up helping Syl against Agravaine, the REAL villain of MORIBUND. Rouen helps Syl awaken to and train her powers. Fighting together makes them realize they’re into each other, so they start dating.

This causes all kinds of problems for them, especially for Rouen, who was born a Fae and should “know better.” I feel like Rouen’s journey is like my own journey, where other people told me who I was supposed to be, and when I really dug deep, I discovered someone entirely different and pretty okay. I just had to trust myself.

It’s with Syl’s love and support that Rouen starts to really grow and become her own self and her own queen. In fact, they both help each other in that regard.

And I’ve always loved that Rouen is a total badass, but she has this soft side. Syl definitely brings it out of her, but you can also see it when she interacts with the dark Fae kids in DETHRONED and in my new release, REKINDLED, as well as in the upcoming NEMESIS, where Rouen helps one of her mortal friends through her eidolizing (i.e., becoming a Fae).

I wouldn’t say Rouen is my favourite over Syl, but I do find her emotions more complicated by her past. Some people are haunted by their origins and/or their past, and Rouen is definitely one of those types!


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about the author
Raised by witches and dragons in the northern wilds, GIE writes angsty urban fantasy YA romance–where girls who are mortal enemies kick butt, take names, and fall in love against all odds.

She enjoys long hikes in the woods (where better to find the fair folk?), believing in fairies (in fact, she’s clapping right now), dancing with dark elves (always wear your best shoes), being a self-rescuing princess (hello, black belt!), and writing diverse books about teenage girls finding love, romance, and their own inner power.

She might be planning high tea at the Fae Court right now.

GIE is multi-published, and in her role as an editor has helped hundreds of authors make their dream of being published a reality.

The Circuit Fae series
Derailed – A Moribund Prequel Novella
Moribund eSampler (FREE)

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