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I’m dropping in twice today, this time author J.S Ellis is here discussing location.

about the book

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While she seems to have it all, Sophie Knight is looking for more. When gorgeous and carefree Michael Frisk walks into her life, he offers the excitement and passion she desires.

Sophie is willing to risk everything she has. After all, she is used to concealing things from her husband—like her alcoholism, her unhappiness. But soon she has more to hide. She wakes up one morning in an alcoholic haze and finds bruises on her body, but has no recollection of what happened to her. Was she raped?

When unsettling notes and mysterious phone calls start, Sophie wonders whom she should turn to. Is Michael the cause of the frightening things happening in her life, or is he the answer to her problems?

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With writing comes the opportunity to travel and research. Although nowadays, you can do so by a click of a button. One can use google maps, images or google earth. However, it is not the same. The first time I went to London, it was love at first sight. I always been fascinated by this city. How quirky and cute it is with its red buses, the black taxis, and the iconic buildings. I’ll never forget the moment I saw the Big Ben for the first time and when it started to chime. I thought to myself, I want to write stories set in this amazing city.

So, my book is set in London, mostly in Notting Hill where I had gone myself. On Christmas of 2014, I got the idea of a glamourous woman who has everything, the apartment, the career, the husband, and the wardrobe. Apart from her polished exterior, the immaculate make up, and clothes, she’s has a drinking problem which she hides from her husband and writes in a diary instead to keep account of her drinking.

As I got this idea, London came to mind as the central location for the book.  Somehow, I couldn’t picture her living anywhere else. The setting became a crucial part of the character as Sophie loves  living in London, as she stated in the book, she loves “it’s lack of community, it’s rudeness” she even love’s its weather although some would disagree with her.

We have to agree London is not of everyone, it’s fast and busy and it can be quite lonely. In the book, her loneliness of living in the city and the stress of her job reflects the tone of the book. Where in her diary, she writes about her struggles and coping with the daily life and her drinking doesn’t make her situation any better, as it even starts to affect her job. She’s an accountant, a job that requires lot of focus, attention, and mistakes can be costly. It adds a touch of irony to the story an accountant and alcoholic.


about the author

J.S Ellis is a thriller author. She’s currently working on an adult Dystopian series called the Chaperone. She’s also working on another thriller novel, for now, it’s called Opium, as it’s still a wip.

J.S always liked to scribble from a young age but started writing by the age of sixteen. She spent all this time, enhancing and learning about the craft. Writing is her passion books are her obsession.

She has a degree in Creative Writing, English literature, and digital marketing. She works in an accountancy firm. She lives in Malta with her fiancé. When she’s not writing or reading, she’s either cooking, eating cheese, and chocolate, or listening to good music and enjoying a glass of wine or two.

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