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Today I have an extract from Solstice Sizzle to tempt you with.

about the book

Solstice Sizzle ebook

Johan Rogers is a sharpshooting family lawyer who is close to burn out. This is affecting his ability with the Magiks and his once reliable skill as a medium. On a whim, he’s come south to Edi’s shop, Crystal Sands, for a break over the summer solstice. He’s looking for fun, nothing serious, and definitely no commitment.

That’s how things start with the stunning Nova. But then a side of him he’s repressed to be a lawyer begins to emerge. Can he get a handle on his emotions, or will Nova help him to realize his full potential with the Magiks?

Nova McGinnis is struggling to find her unique skill with the Magiks. She’s been repressed too long, and despite Edi’s help, her ability is erratic at best. It’s been nearly a month of trying and she’s made minimal progress. Frustrated, she sees Johan as the perfect distraction.

It was meant to be just a summer love affair, but things are developing into something more lasting. Will a hot love affair prevent Nova from discovering her Magik ability, or help her?


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Johan is determined to help Nova heal her past so that they can have a better chance of a future together. To do that he needs to help her mom, who is a spirit in the afterlife. But his skill as a medium is rusty at best, and he’s not sure if he can help her mom.


Johan strategically set out the crystals around him. He was grateful for the extra few crystals, and the hand-size crystal double pointed shards which he added to the grid he was creating.

He burned all three black candles and sage incense, alternating them around the circle grid of crystals. A flutter in his bell reminded him how his skill as a medium hadn’t been working well, and this was dangerous.

Look at the effect it had on Nova.

How was he going to protect himself?

He hoped the crystals, candles, and incense would be enough, as he settled in the middle of the circle, cross-legged.

Showered, in loose clean clothing, he began to prepare himself to have a confrontation with the spirit. With Nova’s mom. Come what may. He had an awful lot to say to her about the way she treated her daughter, and how suppressing a Magik skill slowly eats away at a person’s soul. Nova didn’t deserve to be suppressed like that. She should be able to connect to her ability, but it will never reach its full potential, which was a shame.

Johan pushed those thoughts aside. Right now, he had to focus. He wasn’t sure what Nova’s mom was trying to play at. What was working in his favor, at least, was that she’d tried to contact him last night. It meant that despite the impact she’d just inflicted on Nova, there was a chance she was looking to communicate. A part of him disliked Nova’s mom for what she did. But another part of him also recognized a spirit needed to communicate with the living to make amends. So, as much as he wanted to give her a piece of his mind, his experience as a medium overruled such emotion, and he was ready to converse with her.

Johan closed his eyes, settling his hands on his knees. Then began the process of opening his psyche up to the spirit world. Nerves fluttered in his belly. It had been so long since he’d done this.

A thought burst into his mind. Of course.

He should’ve known better.

The cases had slowly taken over his life, and he’d wanted more of the drama, the adrenalin rush of being a highly sort after lawyer, the feeling when he won cases. And of course, the lifestyle that had been on offer because of it. He’d just realized the most obvious point. He’d not been much better than Nova’s mom with himself. By shutting down his ability as a medium, and his skill in the Magiks, his psyche had been suffering. Closed down. Eating away at itself in a sense.

Why didn’t I see this before?

Johan inhaled slowly. I see it now. And he knew what he needed to do about it.

The first step was what he was doing right now. Then he was going to extend the lease on this place, and go and ask Edi for a job. His parents weren’t like hers, they wouldn’t care how he used his Magik ability, as long as he was happy. And they had been telling him to slow down so much in the last year, he was pretty sure they would be happy that he was taking time out.

He exhaled, counting down from three.

First things first.

He needed to help Nova’s mom. There was a lot riding on this.

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about the author

Lilliana is an Amazon Bestselling author, who writes romance in the subgenres of contemporary, paranormal, steampunk, and rural. She enjoys helping characters overcome problems, or issues, and the misunderstandings that often plague relationships, to help them fall in love. Whether it city heels being replaced with country work boots, or some magic beyond this world, or cogs and gears and corsets, each story shows how love can prevail.

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