everywhere in August

I have to say it has been lovely to just chill out and do some reading, especially as there have been all sorts of wonderful things going on outwith my online presence, so here’s a little look at what I read in August.

lord of secrets


Lord Of Secrets

A wonderful fantasy, with a great magic system and some surprising characters.

5 triangle


girls of paper and fire


Girls Of Paper and Fire

A beautiful tale of survival, with amazing female relationships set in an immense and lush world.

4 triangle


six stories


Six Stories

A scintillating and original concept, with a rich and atmospheric setting and a story that will give you chills.

5 triangle




The Diabolic

Clever premise and full of mind games, a fast-paced space adventure with a feisty female main character.

4.5 triangle


a gathering of shadows

A Gathering Of Shadows

Book two in the series and even better than the first, full of tension and more action than I was expecting, can’t wait to read book three.

5 triangle


how it was


How It Was

Slow-paced story of family dynamics with some unlikeable characters but spectacular writing.

3 triangle


the girl who came out of the woods


The Girl Who Came Out Of The Woods

An unusual but interesting book, with a lovely setting and a wonderful main character.

4 triangle


the kingdom


The Kingdom

Westworld meets Disney mixed with a bit of mystery and some romance.

4 triangle


the perfect wife


The Perfect Wife

A chilling, intense and entirely unpredictable psychological thriller with an interesting concept.

4.5 triangle


Coming up…

—————the devil upstairs—–shadow frost—–the tenth girl-MECH.indd


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