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about the book

Escape You

One night changes everything…

ATF agent Tyler Cole finally gets the break he’s been waiting for— a big NYC mob case. He just never expected for things to get this complicated.

Before he went undercover he spends an unforgettable night with a mysterious woman.

When they meet again, she’s his prime suspect, pregnant with his baby and about to be married.

Tyler should be trying to put Mia and her crew behind bars— but his desire is blurring the lines between right and wrong.

Mafia boss Mia Torelli learned the hard way that things aren’t always what they seem. She never planned on having a one night stand… with the enemy.

No names. No rules. No regrets.

Her passion filled night with a stranger raised the stakes in a very dangerous game.

Determined to make sure her Family survives the devastating loss of their boss, she must prove herself when she steps up as the new leader.

Mia must protect her secret at all costs, but an underground faction has other plans for her… and Tyler.

Note: This is a steamy romance with explicit sensual scenes, happily ever after, no cheating, and no cliffhanger. Can be read as a standalone.

Don’t miss out on this suspenseful and seductive series!

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my thoughts

Well I think this has been the most exciting book of the series so far, I mean I was expecting the romance but I hadn’t actually read the blurb purely because I was continuing with the series, so I didn’t expect all the action and deceit that came with this story.

I was intrigued from the start as to how it was going to unfold and I liked that it was a little unpredictable. There were a lot of obstacles for Mia and Tyler not just for their relationship but their jobs and once or twice they both find themselves in very dangerous situations and I liked that they were kind of battling against each other as well as other people.

I have to say I liked that this was kind of a one night turned something more and that their relationship stems from more than just suddenly falling madly in love with each other. I think that the undercurrent of whether they would or wouldn’t work out really kept the chemistry burning and added an extra level of suspense.

I liked that Mia was such a strong character, she was a bit ruthless but I liked that it stemmed from loyalty. I really appreciated that she didn’t back down just because she was pregnant and that she would make tough choices not just based on her own needs. It was interesting to get to know Tyler, I liked that he played to his own rules and understood that he might not always be on the right side.

I am looking forward to the next book in this series because I really enjoyed the tension between Wesley and Anabelle in the first book of this series, I have to say though I hope we revisit this story in the next books because I feel like there is still more to come for Mia and Tyler.



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about the author

Diana A. Hicks is an award-winning author of steamy contemporary romance with a touch of suspense. Book two in her Desert Monsoon series, LOVE OVER LOGIC, won the 2019 Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal Winner in the Romance – Suspense genre

When Diana is not writing, she enjoys kickboxing, traveling, and indulging in the simple joys of life like wine and chocolate. She lives in Atlanta and loves spending time with her two children and husband. Connect with Diana on social media to stay up to date on her latest releases.

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