Book Review | Deserve To Die

Last year was a busy one and occasionally I got a little behind on my reading, this is one of the books that I wasn’t able to finish in time for the blog tour, which I feel bad about. This year, however, I am finishing the things I have started and this is one of the first ticked off the list.

deserve to die

Dom and Stacey have the perfect life. Until they meet Tamara. Brilliant, beautiful, she hides a horrifying secret. One that may destroy them all.

Happily married with two beautiful children, Dom and Stacey have it all. He runs a successful design agency, she is finding fame as an author of children’s books.

Everything is perfect. Until they meet Tamara.

Because Tamara is a woman with a plan.  She executes it step by step – patient, systematic, methodical.

And as her plan unfolds, Dom and Stacey find their lives slipping out of control.  Taking them from heaven into the deepest, darkest hell.


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By the end of the first chapter I knew that this was going to be a book that was hard to put down, it teased me with the kind of chilling promise that I like from a psychological thriller. It didn’t take long for this deceitful and provocative book to sink its hooks in me and it certainly had no trouble keeping my attention.

Two women set against each other is something that we have all read before but Tamara is so calculating that Stacey doesn’t see it coming, and I quite liked the constant guessing of whether Tamara was in any way justified in her plan and what secrets lurked in Stacey’s past. I felt pulled between what was going to happen next and Tamara’s motivations and the tension that this provided was spot on for my reading experience.

As things start to deteriorate, it gave me a sinking feeling in my stomach and the kind of chills that at the same time feel grim but addictive, however just before I felt like there was no hope left; which can be a make or break for books in this genre; the book changed direction in a way that I would not have predicted but added an intensity and excitement to an already captivating read.

The dual perspective kept the pace fast and fresh but after the halfway mark this escalates to a fever pitch. While the puzzle pieces start to slot together there is still enough action to keep you guessing as to the book’s conclusion and all I can say about that is that I was not disappointed.

Clever in both set up and delivery Deserve To Die is a book that will take you to the edge and leave you reeling.




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