100 days of creative kate

Every now and then I like to dip my toe back into some creative practices and considering everything that’s been going on lately I figured I need that now more than ever. So I was pretty grateful that the 100 day project was starting up just to give me a goal and an extra bit of accountability.

In case you’re not familiar with the 100 day project it’s about doing something creative for 100 days and documenting it through Instagram, creating your own hashtag so that all your work can be seen together. This time around mine is #100daysofcreativekate

So this year my project is to try and finish off all the unfinished projects that I have lying around, now that I have unpacked them out of boxes. To start with I had three projects that I wanted to focus on but I managed to find a camera whilst I was on a tidying mission, so now it’s up to four. I have made it a fairly open project purely because I don’t want to be too restrictive and because I quite like the idea of being able to add things as they come up.

So I just thought I would share what I’m doing and hope that having this extra accountability will help me to focus.

Day 1 

My first project is a cross stitch that I started about two years ago and have never managed to get back to, but actually I have been really enjoying it even though I have been making a few silly mistakes along the way. I have managed to make a pretty good start already and I’m even getting excited about what could come next after this one.


—————Day 4—–Day 6

Day 2

My second project is getting to grips with these watercolour pens that I bought a while ago, I hadn’t drawn anything in such a long time and definitely needed to work those muscles again. Since I’m still a bit of a newbie I’m finding the lack of control over what I’m doing a little daunting but I’m hoping that it’ll get easier as the time goes on. I’m sticking to quite small attempts for now but maybe when I’m a little better I’ll try a bigger composition.

—————Day 5—–Day 7

Day 3

My third project is knitting, I think this is another two year old project, it’s supposed to be a headband although it doesn’t look like much at the minute. I think this is the project that I have been putting off the most because it’s the one I’m most likely to mess up and I definitely don’t have the skills yet to fix any mistakes. I am determined that I will try and at least finish this headband, although I do also have a snood that I would like to make but that might be a little adventurous.

Day 9

So this is project number four that I have only just snuck in, I found my mini instax camera and a bunch of film which is probably past its best but my goal is to go out for my daily walk and take one picture, I’m hoping that it will make me really take stock of what I’m looking at and think about composition and light and not just use up all my film in a couple of days.


So that’s it for now, if you fancy joining in you still can even though it started on the 7th of April it’s really something that you can do at your own pace and it’s good if you are needing a distraction right now.


2 thoughts on “100 days of creative kate”

  1. I used to enjoy cross stitch but find it a strain on my eyes these days. Need new glasses I’m sure but my eye test has now been rescheduled three times in the past few weeks. Can’t see it happening for a while yet!

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