everywhere in September

I feel like my life is a little bit of one step forward, two steps back, but thankfully I’ve had some great books to get me through. September was a bumper month for new releases and I was pleased to get to read some of them, but it also brings with it my favourite reading season, I’m looking forward to watching the leaves turn and getting cosy with good books whilst it gets colder outside. Before I get too excited for what’s ahead here is what happened in my little bookish paradise in the last month…

A brilliantly entertaining cosy crime/mystery with a great bunch of characters, highly recommended.

I’m always a bit of a sucker for a mafia romance but this had a lot of action too, excited to see what comes next in the series.

Atmospheric and well written, unfortunately I struggled with it due to some of its content but still enjoyed finding out the ending.

A book that I was highly anticipating and it did not disappoint, there was the drama and scheming and lots of different relationships to explore.

I loved this book, so empowering but lighthearted, I really connected with main character Amy and felt inspired by her.

A great continuation of the series, I loved getting involved with these characters again and getting to know the new ones that are sure to shake things up.

Another amazing book for this month, a deliciously dark and dangerous school with a brilliant and powerful anti-heroine MC, can’t believe I have to wait for the next in the series.

I also had a guest post from Billy Moran on the tour for his book Don’t Worry Everything Is Going To Be Amazing, as well as a spotlight post for The Village by Philip Duke.

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