everywhere in November

It’s weird how the months seems to be going by so quickly, even though most of this month felt like a waiting game to see what was going on with lockdowns etc. I have had some spectacular reads this month which has helped and I’m still slightly ahead of my Goodreads challenge as well which I’m pleased with. Here is everything that has been happening in my slice of the world…

A YA fantasy with great cast of characters, some pretty cool magic, a cutthroat queen and sorcerer, plus a pretty unique quest.

A magical, emotional and empowering historical fantasy with a feminist edge.

An atmospheric, enchanting and empowering story full of heartbreak and wonder in a winter setting.

An amazing and addictive YA mystery that I could not put down.

A YA mystery that lacked the right pacing for me but was still an intriguing read.

A romantic suspense that for me lacked a lot of action but was still an entertaining read.

My happy place in a book, a wonderful romance set in a bookshop.

I also hosted book spotlights on The Strange Book of Jacob Boyce, Incognito and Keep Walking Rhona Beech.

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