everywhere in June

Well it turns out that being too busy and slightly over extending myself lasted until the end of June, so all the good books I was hoping to read are still on the shelf, I didn’t get as many read as I would have liked. I know that in May I felt that things would be better in June and that didn’t quite come to fruition however July sees the first holiday I have had in quite some time so hopefully that brings with it a bit of time to chill out and read some books. I am still very behind in all my reading challenges but hopefully this month I’ll catch up a bit. Anyway before we move on to a new month here is what I did managed in June…

Both of You | Adele Parks

The first book toward my 20 books of summer challenge, an unexpected and intriguing thriller that kept me guessing.

Scabby Queen | Kirstin Innes

My second book toward my 20 books of summer challenge and one that I read for book club. A brilliant book that builds a picture of Clio, a complex and chaotic character, a book that was hard to put down.

Instructions For Dancing | Nicola Yoon

A wonderful and emotional romance with a bit of magic, some secrets and betrayals, ballroom dancing and characters that you cant help but love.

Mirrorland | Carole Johnstone

A clever and complex thriller in a chilling setting, that really consumed me whilst reading.

I also hosted some great content for these books…

Excerpts from Her Sister’s Baby, The Shadow Man, and Blue Hawaiian.

Guest posts on the tours for The Viking Chief’s Marriage Alliance, The Winter Song, The Awful Truth About The Herbert Quarry Affair, The Five Things, and Whispers of the Runes.

I hope you have had a good reading month and lets hope next month I have some time for all the good books.

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