everywhere in July

This month started off so well I was reading all the books and have been really enjoying it, but can I string a couple sentences together to shout about it…nope, it’s a struggle, even with this paragraph. Things got a bit ridiculous in my personal life towards the end of the month and I had to take a bit of a step back, so I am still behind in most of my reading challenges…although for once I might make it to my goal for this years 20 books of summer challenge, so that’s a positive for sure. One thing I have really been loving recently is audiobooks as they suit my slightly erratic lifestyle right now but I am hoping to keep up the good reading streak into next month, fingers crossed. Before I move on though here is everything that happened here in July…

The Lock In | Phoebe Luckhurst

Some light-hearted fun with a heavy dose of nostalgia, an enjoyable read.

House of Hollow | Krystal Sutherland

A darkly mysterious story, with a fairy tale vibe, filled with secrets and magic and action, with family and survival at its core. Brilliant.

Legendborn | Tracy Deonn

A King Arthur retelling with a brilliant story, rich history, amazing magic, and a cast of characters that certainly keeps things interesting. Looking forward to the next book already.

Shuggie Bain | Douglas Stuart

A sometimes hard but very rewarding book with characters and a story that will stick with you long after you have put it down.

Deepwater King | Claire McKenna

Second book in a series, a little darker than the first book but in a new and exciting setting and an ending that promises that the next book will make for a thrilling conclusion.

The Angela Carter BBC Radio Drama Collection

An unusual pick for me, enjoyable and a good introduction to Angela Carter’s work, not a style that I am used to but I will definitely revisit.

I also hosted some great content for these books…

A guest post on the tour for Angel of the Lost Treasure.

Excerpts from Death Rains Down, The Diary of a Nagging Wife, and Sun, Sea and Summer Vibes.

An author interview on the tour for The Secret Notebook.

I hope you all had a good reading month and that I can keep mine up.

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