Book Review | Angel’s Cage

Book two of the Molotov Obsession Duet.

Angel’s Cage
Anna Zaires

Back in the devil’s lair, I’m at the mercy of a man who fascinates and terrifies me, a tender killer whose obsession with me is growing by the day. Nikolai Molotov is as much my captor as he is my protector, his compound both my safe haven and my gilded cage.

If only I could resist his lethally seductive touch… or fight his growing hold on my heart and mind. Because no matter how far I delve into the enigma of his past, I still don’t know the answer to the most crucial question:

Just how dangerous is his love for me?

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I have to admit that I went into this book with slightly different expectations than I usually would with this author after reading the first book in the series, and whilst it still wasn’t the standard I was hoping for it definitely had a lot more going on.

I still didn’t really feel like the chemistry was all there for Nikolai and Chloe but there are at least some hurdles in their relationship to keep things mildly interesting. Actually, I still feel like Alina was one of the more interesting characters, her story is slowly revealed and it definitely makes for some intriguing reading, this also comes with the story of Slava’s past, which explained a lot of the questions I had in book one.

The questions of Chloe’s past are also answered and whilst I enjoyed the action that this added to the story I feel like I would have been more charmed by it all if I had liked Chloe a little better. Don’t get me wrong she isn’t a horrible character but she still doesn’t feel like a very well-rounded character and I have to admit for a large chunk of this book the inner thoughts and misunderstanding just felt a little silly and repetitive.

It maybe seems a little silly to say that there was a very redeeming quality right at the end because it is not something that is guaranteed, but there is a lot of potential with Alina and another character. The spark of something was already leaping off the page and even though this duet hasn’t quite hit the mark for me I would be very interested in a book with those two characters.

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