everywhere in March

Every month I seem to think that I will manage to make time work a little better for me and at the end of each month I can’t believe that more time has slipped by in a flash. So to that effect I didn’t make it through very many books, but at least I got some reading in. Here is what I read this month…

The Cult | Abby Davies

Some good elements and starts out intriguing but doesn’t quite come together in execution.

The Christie Affair | Nina De Gramont

A very enjoyable and interesting story based on the disappearance of Agatha Christie.

Our Bloody Pearl | D.N. Bryn

A unique and enjoyable fantasy with sirens and pirates and full of adventure.

The Maid | Nita Prose

A brilliant cozy mystery audiobook with an interesting protagonist, a few inconsistencies but thoroughly enjoyable.

Coming up…

Part of me feels a bit silly listing books that I might end up not getting to but I’m hoping that you’ll see my thoughts on these books soon…

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