everywhere in July

Well what a wonderful month, I know that I was barely around here at all but I went on holiday with a load of books and just did pretty much nothing but read them and eat far too much food, it was fantastic!! So officially I am now only five books into my 20 books of summer challenge and still behind on my Goodreads challenge, but again once I have written the reviews etc now that I’m back to normal life then I am pretty sure I will be doing a lot better for next month. Before we fast forward to what I’ve been reading on my down time though here is what I was up to pre holiday…

The Setup | Lizzy Dent

A fun romance, that took a little while to get into but was worth it.

One Last Secret | Adele Parks

Intense thriller with a lot of unexpected moments, I struggled with the darker elements but a clever story.

Our Crooked Hearts | Melissa Albert

An amazing atmospheric and haunting urban fantasy with magic and secrets.

Coming up…

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