everywhere in October

I don’t quite know where October has gone, I feel like I’m still stuck in August, except it’s colder. It has been a strange month, well couple of months for me, but it’s not been a bad reading streak, thank goodness for audiobooks keeping me going when I struggled with books.

I am still ahead in my Goodreads challenge which is a nice surprise and hopefully I can keep up with reading in November, I’m hoping that the cold and dark nights will make it that bit easier to cosy up with a book. Before I get too far ahead of myself, here is what I read over the last month…

The Skeleton Key | Erin Kelly

A brilliant thriller with a dysfunctional family and plenty of secrets at its heart.

Twisted Loyalties | Cora Reilly

A mafia romance that wasn’t the most swoon-worthy but still entertaining.

The Society For Soulless Girls | Laura Steven

A Jekyll and Hyde retelling that was good but had a lot more potential.

Nothing More To Tell | Karen M. McManus

Another brilliant mystery from this author, enjoyable and engaging.

Good Girl, Bad Blood | Holly Jackson

A great continuation of the series, a little darker and has me very interested in what will happen next.

Friends Like These | Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

A YA thriller full of toxic relationships that was gripping and emotional.

Coming up…

There is a bit of an unintentional colour theme this month in these covers, let’s hope we all have another happy reading month.

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