Aatto #AtoZchallenge

- -   Aatto lens style is colour bursts with desaturation. I love how it deepens the colours and has a cool blue sheen.   - This post is the first of my A to Z challenge, this years theme is Hipstamatic, if you missed the introduction then you can find that here. -  

All greek to me #AtoZchallenge

“Harry, what does this mean…LOL?” “Wait I know this one, something to do with laughing, lots of laughing maybe?” “I suppose that makes sense, thanks.” “Who is it this time?” “My granddaughter, Lottie, it takes me ages to find the message and then twice as long to understand what she’s said. I would just phone… Continue reading All greek to me #AtoZchallenge

A is for…Agnes Obel

I love Agnes Obel’s music, I find it beautiful and haunting and there is always a song to reflect my state of mind. It really relaxes me because of that. The video is the song Aventine, it is from her second album of the same name. What I love about her albums is that it… Continue reading A is for…Agnes Obel