Whether you celebrate or you don't or even if you're not a big fan, I just wanted to wish everybody a lovely Christmas time and hope you are all enjoying your day! I love Christmas so I'll most likely be in my cosy new Christmas Pjs hanging out with my family. To get you in… Continue reading MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

U is for…Under the Stars U was another difficult one for me but then inspiration struck. I was listening to my music thinking about what u related things I like; which isn't many; when Under the Stars came on.  At Christmas my sister asked me to find some new Christmas songs to add into our usual playlist, and that… Continue reading U is for…Under the Stars

I is for…Imogen Heap I first discovered Imogen Heap through the TV show The O.C. when I was a teenager. Her song Hide and Seek was used in the Season 2 finale and I just remember instantly being hooked to it. I don't remember how I found out that it was an Imogen Heap song; I would assume… Continue reading I is for…Imogen Heap

A is for…Agnes Obel

I love Agnes Obel’s music, I find it beautiful and haunting and there is always a song to reflect my state of mind. It really relaxes me because of that. The video is the song Aventine, it is from her second album of the same name. What I love about her albums is that it… Continue reading A is for…Agnes Obel