J is for…Jewellery

   Sometimes I feel like a magpie, as soon as I set my eye on something sparkly I have to have it. The thing is though once you start, you can’t stop! I have so much that I’ve had to get a massive jewellery box to keep it in.  At the moment I’m going through a pearl phase, and anything in the shape of a heart is always ok. My friend who is a very talented jeweller actually made me one of the pearl necklaces in the picture.  There is also a dark pearl necklace that I made in there as well. I took some beading courses a while back and loved it, so ended up doing a ring course, a headband course and a pearl stringing course. I haven’t got my beading things out in a while but maybe at some point this year they might see the light of day… As for buying jewellery, I love going to

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