J is for…Jewellery

Sometimes I feel like a magpie, as soon as I set my eye on something sparkly I have to have it. The thing is though once you start, you can’t stop! I have so much that I’ve had to get a massive jewellery box to keep it in. 

At the moment I’m going through a pearl phase, and anything in the shape of a heart is always ok. My friend who is a very talented jeweller actually made me one of the pearl necklaces in the picture. 

There is also a dark pearl necklace that I made in there as well. I took some beading courses a while back and loved it, so ended up doing a ring course, a headband course and a pearl stringing course. I haven’t got my beading things out in a while but maybe at some point this year they might see the light of day…

As for buying jewellery, I love going to Edinburgh and having a look at the little boutiques, there are lots of nice ones. Hannah Zakari is a lovely shop, it sells lots of quirky pieces at a range of prices and it sells stationery as well which I never say no to. Sheila Fleet is another lovely designer. I have numerous rings from her collection. The enamels that she uses are beautiful, I just wish I had the pennies to buy more. 

I might have to stop talking now, I feel a splurge coming on…

5 thoughts on “J is for…Jewellery”

  1. I started keeping my costume jewelry in some of those clear boxes used for storing spare bits of hardware or by fisherman for storing lures in. They’re compact and it’s easy to see what you own at a glance!


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