Ina’s 1982 #AtoZchallenge

- -     Ina's 1982 film style is a textured warm matte finish. This film gives a white overlay that brightens the image, I love the border.   - This post is part of my A to Z challenge, this years theme is Hipstamatic. The last post was Hamilton, to see the rest of… Continue reading Ina’s 1982 #AtoZchallenge


She had never done anything like it before, not knowingly. Last week had been an accident it was only when she arrived home from the shop that she realized the wine hadn’t scanned and the machine hadn’t alerted anyone. She almost took it back but nobody noticed and who turns down a free bottle? This… Continue reading Impulse

I is for…Imogen Heap I first discovered Imogen Heap through the TV show The O.C. when I was a teenager. Her song Hide and Seek was used in the Season 2 finale and I just remember instantly being hooked to it. I don't remember how I found out that it was an Imogen Heap song; I would assume… Continue reading I is for…Imogen Heap