I is for…Imogen Heap

I first discovered Imogen Heap through the TV show The O.C. when I was a teenager. Her song Hide and Seek was used in the Season 2 finale and I just remember instantly being hooked to it. I don’t remember how I found out that it was an Imogen Heap song; I would assume it was through the internet but I’m pretty sure it was when we still had dial up, and I wasn’t all that internet savvy. Eventually I must have tracked the information down and then waited for ages for her album to be released, because I don’t think I had an mp3 player at that point either so it was CD all the way. The above video is one of my favourite songs from her the album Speak for Yourself, which is her second album but the first one I bought, I was going to put the video for Hide and Seek but thought Goodnight and Go was more indicative of the sound of the album.

I think that Imogen is one of the most interesting artists I’ve ever heard, I’m not sure how to even describe her music properly, its a mix of pop and electronica, with some rock and ambient sound thrown in for good measure. Really interestingly her fourth album Sparks, was created with around 900 sound samples sent in from fans, all recording of everyday sounds. If you search around the internet I’m sure you can find more information on how it was all put together but the end result is really fantastic.

I think this is the type of music that you’ll either love or you’ll not get, I have very eclectic taste in music so I tend to love quirky styles and her work can certainly be described as thus. I really connect with the way she puts the music together and her unconventional lyrics, that feel so much more descriptive than just saying it as it is. Anyway I shall leave you with another video, this is from the album Sparks, I hope you enjoy…

All videos are taken from Imogen Heap Vevo found on youtube.

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