O is for…Origami


I haven’t gone to bed yet so this counts as my catch up post, which means I’m on track for tomorrow…it’s only taken three days.

O is another letter that I struggled with. I hadn’t really thought of anything apart from orange and whilst I could happily munch away on a orange segment, of the fruity or Terry’s chocolate variety, I didn’t think it was really worth trying to write a whole post about it. 

However I then happened across a post by a fellow blogger that described something called the 100 day challenge. Now even though I am in the middle of one challenge and have managed to miss days with this one, I decided that the 100 day challenge would be a good way to learn a new skill. 

Now over the weekend I found myself in Scorpio’s (my other half) home town, helping him clean out the loft at his mother’s house. Whilst rifling through boxes, sorting things into piles, I came across a how to make origami set. I opened it and found it completely unused, with all the paper still wrapped up and a booklet of instructions for different projects. I casually asked Scorpio if he had any interest in it, as it came out of one of his boxes, and then when he replied “not really” I squirrelled it away in a pile that I marked “things that I am claiming”. 

So when I read about this challenge I thought about what I could do and then it came to me, I’ll try my hand at origami. So even though it isn’t something I like yet, as I have never tried it, it is a little bit of fun that I am hoping I will enjoy making long after the 100 days. 

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