The 100 day project

I have been quite bad with my 100 day project entries, unfortunately moving house is not quite as condusive to a spare 10 minutes every day as I had hoped. I have had to have a few catch up days and I’m still chasing my tail a bit, but here are my day 15 – day 28 entries for #100daysoffoldingpaper


A very simple house. Day 15/100


A simple snake. Day 16/100


An elephant. Day 17/100


A nightingale. Day 18/100


A bee. Day 19/100


A patterened purple pencil. Day 20/100
A chair. Day 21/100


A tote bag. Day 22/100
crownA crown. Day 23/100
red-dogA red dog. Day 24/100


A broken heart. Day 25/100


A butterfly. Day 26/100


The circular glider. Day 27/100


A scottie dog. Day 28/100

Not a bad little collection, even if I do say so myself. I’ve been trying to think of inventive ways to photograph them so that’s been part of the fun as well. I am actually really enjoying it, even if it can be a tad stressful playing catch up.


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