This was a little something that came to me after reading Esther Newton’s Monday Motivation post from a few weeks ago. The challenge was to write a poem or story with Revenge as the prompt. I didn’t post it that week because I didn’t get the chance to finish it, but now that it’s finished I have decided to put it up anyway and see how it fares…


The faceless person sat back feeling rather smug. A response had come through; that was unexpected, hoped for but still unexpected. An uncontained excitement, mixed with a little rage and a little empathy, was making it difficult to sit still. Taking a deep breath, tapping noises filled the air once again; fingers on keyboard, writing and deleting, trying to craft the perfect gambit.

Time crawled in the wait between sending and the reaction. There was no question of a reply this time; it was just a case of how quickly it would be fashioned. Minutes felt like days, but in reality it was only minutes, and then surprisingly two came through. One from her and one from him. This had not been anticipated and an anxiety started to creep it’s way into the corners of the plan. It was too late now though, the smart move was to see how it would pan out and hope for the best.

She sat racking her brain trying to understand where these emails were coming from. She’d already gone through enough pain learning of his transgressions, but now whoever this was was making her doubt all over again. All by asking the simple question: do you know what he’s doing right now? They’d talked almost the instant it came through; fracturing her peaceful evening; she had been about to respond and then thought why not go to the source. As it happened he was doing nothing of note and she believed him, this time. It was bothering the both of them though, who had sent it? Messages back and forth ensured that they were both upset, paranoid and in her case a little frightened.

Sleep didn’t come easily but eventually she slipped off and managed to lose the world for a few hours. However the morning gave way to a new feeling, anger, radiating through every thought on the previous nights encounter. All had gone silent, apparently the threat of real life repercussions had quieted their keys, and she couldn’t help but wonder the motivation behind it. Was it really as the person had claimed, someone trying to help her or was it what they both believed, something more sinister, a targeted game. Unfortunately the thought that enraged her the most seemed pointless at this moment: the only person who deserves any revenge in this is me.


What do you think? I’d love to hear if anyone has any advice or criticisms. Constructive ones mind, nobody wants to see the puffy crying face.




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