Winter sunshine

Lots of people like to go to hot climates in the winter, to get a reprieve from the cold and because who doesn’t enjoy a holiday. However back in October I got taken on a sporadic trip to Ayr, and considering it is Scotland and was heading toward winter, you would be right to assume that it was wet and windy and a bit unpleasant.

I would have thought so too, but for some bizarre reason it was unseasonably warm and turned out to be an amazing trip. We booked into a beautiful bed and breakfast in a little place called Dunure, which I am told has been used as a location for the new series of the TV show Outlander.

It was an amazing spot, perfect for some more photographs…

On the first day we took a drive, found a beach and decided to meander along it.

culzean-walk3            culzean-walk2

There were a few clouds in the sky but it was still so warm and the sea was such a vibrant shade of blue, it was a lovely walk.

culzean-walk            culzean-figure

At the end of this long stretch of beach we came upon Culzean Castle. Well actually we found the Gas House first, which provided the Castle gas until 1940.



We then walked up to the Castle and took a stroll around the grounds and gardens; it is a pretty amazing place to visit. If I ever make it back that way again I would definitely go into the Castle to have a look around.

castle            courtyard

culzean-castle            culzean-castle3


The next day we explored another castle this one didn’t take too much of a walk, as it was a five minute walk from where we were staying but we were told it had a labyrinth next to it. So with ice creams in hand we set off for Dunure Castle.

dunure-castle2            dunure-castleruins

It is a ruin but you can still go into it and can actually get up to the top for a lovely view (which I seem to have missed taking a picture of).

dunure-castle                        labyrinth

I think the best part of the trip though was the fact that where we stayed had a patio of sorts that looked out onto the sea and we were able to sit and have some wine and enjoy the sun and eventually the sunset. We stayed in one of the little white cottages in the picture below, pretty spectacular location.

dunure            dunure-sunset

As ever I have been playing around with filters and things and have been posting them over on Instagram, if you fancy looking at some more.

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