Endings and new beginnings

I’m sure for a lot of people there is a great amount of relief to see the end of 2016 and to finally be on the countdown to 2017, but before I start looking forward to the new things that life has to bring, I’m going to do a little bit of looking backward.

From participating in the NanoHop I have a lot of new followers so this is a chance for me to introduce myself a little and to have a look at my highlights of 2016.


Favourite Posts

These may not be the most popular posts on the blog but they are either posts I am proud of, or represent good memories, or show off a bit of my personality.

The hypnotic glass eye – I think this is the second post I wrote on this blog, go easy.

L is for Lemon Oat Cookies – as part of the 2016 A to Z challenge, because who doesn’t love tasty treats

Z is for Zzzz – as part of the 2016 A to Z challenge, because this little story made me laugh

The recesses of my mind – a little bit about why I like to scribble in notebooks

The Island – some pretty pictures from playing about with my camera phone

Revenge – a little bit of fictional writing

The Seaside City – an amazing adventure


Favourite Books

It’s rather a small list as I only really started keeping track of what I read in August, which is why I don’t think I’ll manage to complete my Goodreads challenge, but for me each of these are outstanding reads.

All the ugly

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things, is maybe one of the more controversial reads of the year but I found it exquisite.

Secret Diary

The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen was a funny, moving and loveable read.


Paris Mon Amour is a magnificent book, very well written and so heartfelt.


The Smell of Other People’s Houses is another beautifully written book, with an amazing setting and wonderful characters.

I think I’ll sneak in a little recommendation for 2017 as well, I’m almost finished this and it has been amazing so far if you like fantasy or fairytales or Russia or strong female characters then you will love it…


I believe it will be released on the 12th January 2017.


Favourite Bookstagram Pics

These are some of the pictures that I liked best this year, I tend to use the Hipstamatic app and love playing around with the different lenses and films. I love it when I come across the perfect image that ties into a book I’m reading, it doesn’t happen every time but I’m usually pretty pleased with the results.

all-the-ugly          local-girl-missing

boy-of-blocks          pigeon-blood-red

good-kind-of-bad          the-wave


Favourite Bloggers

Just a few of the bloggers that I have enjoyed reading posts from in the past few months, I’ve made it a fairly short list because really there are so many great blogs that I am following that you could be here all week reading it.

Damppebbles a book blog by @damppebbles

Travel Between the Pages which has a little bit of everything art, books, travel

BlondeWriteMore the trials and tribulations of being a writer by @Blondewritemore

Rant and Rave About Books a book blog/author website by @Jquinnbooks


Well there you have it, a little bit about me, and not as painful as I thought it would be.

I hope you all enjoy your New Year festivities when the day comes.




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