#IWSG – The plummet

So this will be fairly brief, because I’m too stressed right now.

I have been doing a writing course which I have been loving, every week we have to send a piece in by the deadline and when it comes back it has notes on what to work on, what was good, what wasn’t etc. So far I have always had an idea straight away and have just felt it, and the feedback has been really positive. I felt so good about it that I even posted one of them here.

This week though is an even higher word count with a topic that I thought of something for straight away but as I started to write the same magic hasn’t happened. I have roughly half the amount of words I need and every paragraph seems like a contradiction to the one before, and I now only have a day to rewrite it. I’m not even sure I can but it’s a deadline that I cannot miss, so I will have to hand something in. So that’s where I am curently, elbow deep in possibly the worst thing I’ve ever written trying to make something of it…


Written as part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group.

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10 thoughts on “#IWSG – The plummet”

    1. Thanks, I managed, you’re right I just had to go through some pretty awful paragraphs before something a little better came out. Still not what I was going for but done on time 🙂


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