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I have been loving this series so far and have been looking forward to this installment, Martinis and Memories, for a while now. I’ll be letting you in on my thoughts in just a sec but first here is what it’s about.

martinis and memories

A fun, feisty novel of love and chasing your dreams

Bel Hailstone has spent the past decade building her dream – Soho’s best burlesque club – from the ground up. But now The Martini Club is under threat and it will take everything in Bel’s power to resist encroaching developers and save her pride and joy.

Amidst the chaos Bel’s past comes knocking with the unexpected arrivals of her still-not-quite-ex-husband, her estranged mother and Brodie Porter – the boy who got away all those years ago.

To keep her beloved club afloat – not to mention her sanity – Bel will have to accept help for the first time in a long time, put the past to rest and claim the happy ever after she once thought was lost for good.

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I’m so glad we finally get to properly meet Bel, she has been up to this point an enigmatic addition to the other stories so it was lovely to get under her skin.

She was a bit of a surprise, in the best way of course, whilst I knew that she probably put on a bit of a persona it was great to see the other dimension of her and find out what brought her to where she is. There is a lot of growth in this book for her character and it felt kind of fitting, since I believe this is the last book in this series, that it is left with this feeling of progress and hope.

It was great to revisit some characters that we’ve met before through the previous books, it does always feel like you’re checking in with good friends. On this occasion it was also nice to get to know some new faces, in wonderful characters like Sam and Brodie, who were favourites of mine. Although it has to be said I did enjoy the cheeky chappy Euan for the tension he could bring to a scene.

There is a lot of delving into Bel’s past and I found that I was really interested in what came before The Martini Club and why she has felt the need to be so aloof. It made for an engrossing story, I managed to fly through this book and was really disappointed when I was getting closer to the end just because I didn’t want it to.

Martinis And Memories was a pleasure to read, Bel was a strong character but with enough vulnerability to keep you guessing and a cast of characters that felt like family, throw in an engaging story line and an easy style of writing, what’s not to love! I will definitely be on the lookout for the next A.L Michael book.



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A. L. Michael is the author of 13 novels. Almost all of them are snarky love stories where difficult women learn to embrace vulnerability. Andi works as a content writer, so no matter what she’s doing, she’s all about the words. She has a BA in English Literature, an MA in Creative Business and an MSc in Creative Writing. She is represented by Hayley Steed at Madeleine Milburn.

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