everywhere in October

Happy Halloween!! At this very moment I will be on holiday, near a beach with a healthy dose of sunshine and hopefully some cheeky cocktails thrown in too, so lots of fun but not a lot of fancy dress or scary fun. Whilst I am off gallivanting here is a look at all the things that happened this month.

A guest post from author Michelle Scott about arrows and targets on the tour for Just The Two Of Us.

I talked about getting my feelings out on paper for this months IWSG post.

A guest post from author Rachel Pudsey about her writing journey on the tour for The Watcher Of The Night Sky.

A guest post with a sneaky excerpt from author Joan Livingston about the bar in her mystery Redneck’s Revenge.

A guest post about Glastonbury from author Malcolm Parnell on the tour for Right On The Monet.

Toppled my TBR a little more with the 8th episode of Down the TBR Hole.

Books Reviewed

Click on the cover if you want to see the full review.



The Telling

An exciting start to a fantasy series with a very interesting premise.

3.5 triangle





An NA kind of forbidden romance/triangle involving brothers, dramatic and entertaining.

4 triangle




The Fear Of Falling

An NA friends to lovers that was drawn out a little long but still entertaining.

3.5 triangle




Death By The River

A dark and suspenseful YA where nothing is as it seems.

4 triangle


The River Runs Red cover



The River Runs Red

An noir crime with a fascinating setting, somewhat let down by editing.

3 triangle





A short and steamy romance, light on plot but lots of ‘action’.

4 triangle


Golden Orphans Cover Image


The Golden Orphans

A small but powerful literary thriller that I’m still thinking about.

4 triangle


bound by temptation


Bound By Temptation

The fourth instalment in a mafia romance series, I think my expectations were a little too high but still enjoyable.

4 triangle


Coming Up…

—————a spark of light—–not that bad—–how to murder your life


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