everywhere in July

I managed to get back into a bit of a reading groove and even did a little bit of writing this month which was nice. I also started the 20 books of summer challenge, haven’t stuck to my list at all and I’ll probably only get ten books finished but at least I’m getting through some of my TBR that’s the main thing.

This was quite a surprising read and full of action, I’m looking forward to the next book.

First book of my 20 books of summer challenge, loved the messages in this but it was a little different to what I expected.

Another brilliant book by J.F Kirwan, with all the right ingredients and perfect execution.

Second book of my 20 books of summer challenge, this is a book you need to experience it is brilliant but packs an emotional punch.

Third book of my 20 books of summer challenge, a Rumpelstiltskin retelling with a fantastic story and brilliant characters.

This is an amazing book, I don’t think a small caption will do it justice, but the characters are beautiful and the storyline is captivating and I highly recommend it.

I am loving this series and even with a character that I wasn’t sure I was going to like reading about I really enjoyed this book.

The writing I did this week was for the #WritePhoto challenge which I have decided to do flash fiction for. My attempts were Signs of Change and Choices.

Hopefully I can keep it up, until next time stay safe and stay happy.

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