everywhere in March

March has been a crazy month, I can’t believe that I’ve managed to read any books on top of everything else that I was doing, thankfully it’s just starting to wind down so hopefully next month I can get back into the swing of reading before this becomes a bit of a slump. Or so that I can read more than half a book before having to write something about it, I didn’t plan myself too well at the end of this month.

So to start off March I introduced another project which started off well 100 days of hipstamatic magic, I thought I had chosen a project that would be easy to keep up with however by part two 100 days of hipstamatic magic I had definitely changed my mind.

I am still on track with my Goodreads challenge which I am pleased about because I was sure that I would have fallen behind by now and I managed to read two books toward my popsugar reading challenge which I’m happy about because I keep accidentally requesting more Netgalley books which I am not supposed to be doing…oops! Here are the books that I managed to read this month…

The Grace Year | Kim Liggett

An outstanding YA dystopian story with an eerie setting full of injustice that turns to a sort of empowerment. Just brilliant.

The Warrior King | Abigail Owen

Third book in a series, not quite as compelling as the last two books but still with enough to keep me hooked and ready for the next book.

Dreamer | Loretta Kendall

The storyline itself was interesting but I didn’t enjoy the writing style at all, too much unnecessary drama and dialogue.

The Handmaid’s Tale | Margaret Atwood

A timeless dystopian, a still but scary atmosphere with amazing narration.

The Absolute Book | Elizabeth Knox

An enchanting fantasy full of big ideas, confusing at first but full of rich description and an epic storyline.

What Beauty There Is | Cory Anderson

A haunting and thrilling story, that packs an emotional punch.

I also hosted some great content for these books…

Excerpts for Jane Austen’s Best Friend, A Prescription for Madness, Space Taxis, Memoirs of a Karate Fighter and A Chance Encounter.

Spotlight posts on The Garden of Angels and Harper’s Highland Fling.

Cover reveals for Allied and Summer Sin.

A guest post from author T. K. Arispe on the tour for Pixeldust.

An interview with author Carol Rivers on the tour for Girl With Secrets.

Well five and a half books isn’t too bad at all, but hopefully no more half books and some more good reading for next month.

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