everywhere in November

It is getting exceptionally close to the end of the year and it feels so surreal, like it definitely shouldn’t be happening this quickly, but there are Christmas trees and lights popping up everywhere and I might even be feeling a little festive myself, which is usually unheard of. Didn’t quite manage as much reading this month as I would have liked but hopefully after the busy period I will get some quality reading time in the coming month.

I am still ahead in my Goodreads challenge so I think I will manage to make my goal of reading 60 books this year which is good, and I’m looking forward to some wintery reads. Before that though lets have a look at what happened in November…

The Marlow Murder Club | Robert Thorogood

An entertaining cozy mystery with a quirky cast of characters.

Twisted Emotions | Cora Reilly

Second book in a mafia romance series and a very enjoyable read with a lot of spark.

The Ghost Woods | C.J. Cooke

A haunting gothic tale with some fantastical elements and brilliant themes.

Five Survive | Holly Jackson

An intense YA thriller in a remote setting, full of secrets and a tonne of suspense.

Coming up…

I have already decided before the year is over that I have to get better about reading the books that I put in my coming up, I always have good intentions but I am a bit of a mood reader. So here’s to a good reading month and some wintery stories.


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